CDP Credits and Video Lectures of the SPRING MEETING will be available by the end of August.

4th EAS Congress

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May 11-13 2023

Torino | Italy

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EAS aims and benefits are the creation of a resource full of knowledge, with opportunities for collaboration and sharing of information relating to all aspects of aligner therapy.

EAS has been established to bring together all the clinicians and manufacturers who are involved with aligner therapy to use their combined strengths to raise the awareness of the effectiveness and the outcomes of aligner based treatment.

EAS aims to provide information on orthodontic aligner therapy to clinicians and the public through effective communication and education. Information will be underpinned by research and the promotion of high standards in orthodontic aligner treatment.

Relive the EAS Meetings

From the 1st EAS Congress in Vienna through to the present time, take a look at EAS Meetings AGAIN and AGAIN by clicking the image below on the left.
Then enhance the feeling of being there, with the actual education, by visiting the Video Lecture selection by clicking on the image below on the right. Members have free access to some video lectures and reduced pricing to video recording on a USB stick couriered to your door.

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