Introducing SureCure Orthodontic Aligners - Beautiful Smiles for Less

SureCure™ Aligners is a division of Digital Orthodontic Care™, a global entity and Canada’s leading manufacturer of Clear Orthodontic Aligners. All SureCure products are manufactured at DOC’s 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art fabrication and clinician training complex, located in Milton, ON, Canada. SureCure Aligners create beautiful smiles for your patients, at up to 50% less than the leading brand.

SureCure delivers:

Exceptional Outcomes:
SureCure Aligners are made from bio-compatible Zendura FLX™, the highest-calibre biocompatible material available. SureCure’s clear custom plastic aligners have an elastomeric middle layer that generates lower forces on initial insertion, yet have elastic recovery to provide greater tooth-moving forces over time than standard thermo-plastics.

Increased Profitability:
Save up to 50% on aligner costs relative to the leading brand.

Class Leading Ease of Use:
We accept all scans. At SureCure, we work with files created by any dental scanner or your PVS impressions. Our priority is to remove barriers, so that you can work with your preferred tools, and do your best work.

Efficient User-Friendly Software:
SureCure’s proprietary SureView™ software is simple, intuitive, and streamlined, maximizing your efficiency in treatment planning.

Exceptional Customer Support:
SureCure provides professional customer support from dental professionals. Our Ortho Assist program provides support from an expert SureCure Orthodontist.

Be sure with SureCure. From simple to complex, there are no limits on the types of cases SureCure can treat.


To learn more register for the SureCure Pre-Congress course at the Malta EAS
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