Complete your Orthodontic treatment in less than half the time!

Light Accelerated Orthodontics™

OrthoPulse® is a clinically proven device that uses low levels of light energy to stimulate the periodontium and alveolar bone surrounding the roots of the teeth and significantly increase tooth movement—thus, dramatically reducing treatment time for braces or clear aligners, and getting your patients their great smiles twice as fast.

OrthoPulse® uses safe, low intensity near infra-red light to gently speed up orthodontic tooth movement. OrthoPulse® is a self-treatment that does not require extra chair time. It is easily performed by the patient at home in as little as 10 minutes per day.

OrthoPulse® can provide your practice with the unique opportunity to accelerate your patients’ treatment time and differentiate your practice by dedication to revolutionary orthodontic technology.

OrthoPulse® provides significant acceleration of tooth movement and a dramatic reduction of orthodontic treatment time, supported by solid clinical evidence. Current orthodontic mechanics optimize the process of tooth movement, and now OrthoPulse® will allow for the optimization of the biology of tooth movement.

We are extremely excited to have OrthoPulse® for our patients. The technology built into the appliance is amazing and this is only the beginning. There is a definite increase in the rate of movement using OrthoPulse® leading to shorter treatment times. It is shocking how quickly some patients have been able to move through their Invisalign aligners. Not only are teeth moving more quickly, but patients report the aligners to be significantly more comfortable when progressing to a new set. Other patients report headaches and TMJ issues have diminished.
Dr. Todd Dickerson

Phoenix, AZ, United States

I am using OrthoPulse® as part of my own treatment on my lower jaw with daily five-minute applications of Orthopulse. The pressure is definitely lower and the aligners can be changed every 7 days instead of every 14 days. Convincing!
Dr. Corinna Toepel-Sievers

Zurich, Switzerland

Doctor QuickStart: Implementing OrthoPulse®

OrthoPulse™ How to Use and Care

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