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DentalMonitoring is a pioneer of artificial intelligence in oral care. Our family of software solutions helps dental professionals bring high-quality care to patients with virtual monitoring at every step of their treatment plan.

Since its inception in 2014, DentalMonitoring has developed cutting edge algorithms that perform high-level clinical analysis on images and 3D files, calculate tooth movement remotely, and create photo-realistic simulations. Our goal is simple: Allow doctors to assess and monitor patients remotely to provide more continuous, connected care for patients.

To perfect our revolutionary technology, we have spent years collaborating with clinical advisors to provide the best products and services to orthodontists and dentists.

Here's what we've created:

  • SmileMate — an early assessment tool that screens for all major oral health concerns and creates realistic simulations of treatment outcomes
  • DentalMonitoring — a customizable cloud-based platform for clinical monitoring and communication automation

Our solutions implement a scalable workflow throughout the entire patient journey applicable to all brands and all appliances, both fixed and removable.
With over 400 employees operating in 53 countries around the world, DentalMonitoring is the only AI-based solution expanding all practices into a virtual environment.

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