EAS membership benefits

The European Aligner Society (EAS) would like to welcome you to an association that build into a community of all things “ALIGNER”.

While this newsletter goes out to ALL our EAS members, both European and Overseas, do ALL doctors engaged with aligner therapy appreciate the many benefits of EAS membership?

  1. Belonging to an association of like-minded clinicians who hold orthodontic aligners treatment close to their hearts.
  2. Benefiting from virtual and physical meetings addressed by the leading clear aligner experts from around the world.
  3. Being able to engage with other aligner clinicians to learn from their experience, skills and knowledge.
  4. Forging direct connections with aligner associated product producers through meetings, on-line engagements and benefit from direct offers.
  5. Demonstrating links with a respected society which has the sole focus of the furtherment of the most contemporary form of orthodontic treatment.
  6. Having access to the high rated academic Journal of Aligner Orthodontics. Read all about it, and while you are perusing the articles, it might be a good time to renew your EAS membership so that you can benefit from a lower registration rate at our 2nd Spring/Summer meeting in 2022.

For more information about the European Aligner Society please visit EAS website.

Discover more about EAS membership.

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