Dolphin Imaging & Management Company info: Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions provides high-quality 2D/3D imaging, diagnostic, practice management, case presentation, and patient education software for dental specialty professionals worldwide.

Dolphin Imaging Products:

Designed for interactive patient education and case presentation, Aquarium is a dynamic communication tool that fully utilizes high-quality 3D graphics. It is designed to demonstrate common and complex topics including ALIGNERS, diagnostic findings, oral surgery and orthodontic procedures, appliance use, hygiene, and more..

Visualization is an effective educational tool. It promotes comprehension that eases communication with colleagues and patients of all ages. Aquarium uses stunning 3D graphics to demonstrate the common and complex topics that are involved in diagnosis and treatment planning. Educated patients are more likely to exhibit a greater rate of case acceptance, and
demonstrate a higher rate of compliance

Effortlessly manage patient picture and x-ray images. ImagingPlus™is the foundation of Dolphin product suites. Carefully designed for quick learning, ImagingPlus lets you effectively capture, organize and present image records. It also includes a set of powerful and user-friendly tools for conveying treatment plans and to easily communicate ideas.

Ceph Tracing allows you to analyze cephalometric radiographs and create progress superimpositions quickly and accurately. Utilized by thousands of private practices throughout the world and most orthodontic and oral surgery training programs in North America, Dolphin Ceph Tracing dramatically reduces the tedious and time-consuming task of cephalometric tracing

The Treatment Simulation software module allows you to plan, diagnose, and present cases from the lateral view. Multidisciplinary VTO Wizards include step-by-step interactive programs for quick and easy analyses and treatment planning. It’s the perfect tool for interdisciplinary clinicians to visualize outcome and work in concert. Dolphin Treatment Simulation can be used for both orthodontic and surgery cases.

The Dolphin 3D software is a powerful tool that makes processing 3D data extremely simple, enabling dental specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to diagnose, plan treatment, document and present cases. Dolphin 3D allows visualization and analysis of craniofacial anatomy from data produced by cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), MRI, medical CT and 3D facial camera systems. With Dolphin 3D you can also import DIGITAL STL FILES from intraoral scanners or desktop scanner, you can do 3D measurement and analysis over the digital models.

Dolphin 3D software is already widely used by research/teaching institutes and private practices worldwide. It features tools for onscreen manipulation and analysis of volumetric datasets: Images are easily oriented and rotated, and tissue density thresholds can be adjusted for detailed views of craniofacial anatomy. Measurements and digitization can be performed in both 3D and traditional 2D.

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