EAS Newsletter #5 Spring 2022

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Issue 5, Spring 2022

Issue 5 of the EAS Quarterly Newsletter comes to you pre-EAS Summer Meeting in Porto, Portugal which takes place from 1-2 July 2022.
The Corona virus appears to be receding and although infection rates are high at this time, throughout Europe, the illness and deaths are not anywhere near earlier levels. Symptoms appear, in the main, more like colds/flu.
While EAS would like to see as many colleagues as possible face-to-face, we understand that travel from overseas may be problematic, especially on the return journey. For this reason, EAS is offering a streaming feed of the first day’s plenary sessions to those outside the EU travel area (outside of EU countries, the UK and those countries neighbouring the EU).
As in our previous newsletter we asked for your opinions about the pros and cons of attending face-to-face meetings (please see the end of this newsletter for ways to offer your feedback). This is particularly important as EAS is currently planning its 4th Congress in Torino in May 2023 and we would welcome your thoughts on attending face-to-face vs attending virtually.

EAS Summer Meeting Porto

Aligners and 3D Planning from Virtual to Real.
The European Aligner Society has announced the programme for its Summer Meeting which is being held in Porto, Portugal, which runs from 1-2 July 2022.

After a challenging couple of years, the Summer Meeting has been conceived to bring together dental professionals with a special interest and shared passion for aligner orthodontics. However, it will also be live streamed for non-residents of the EU and UK, so broadening its reach beyond Europe to feed the appetite of aligner exponents world-wide.


“After the 18 months delay from the original date, it was fabulous to meet face to face, or at least mask to mask at EAS 3rd Congress, Malta in October 2021. While the many online lectures and conferences since Covid were great, it was really exciting to participate in a live congress together with our colleagues who dared to fly to Malta despite the limitations of this period. The location chosen for the conference was truly magical, the Malta Hilton was fabulous and excellent compensation for the difficulties experienced getting to Malta.”
Dr. Shmulik Einy - Israel

EAS wants to thank attendees and non-attendees for being patient about the publication of EAS 3rd Congress Lecture videos. There were un-expected problems but the approved batch of lectures are now available.

The videos are COMPLIMENTARY to EAS MEMBERS so JOIN EAS now and enjoy these top-class lectures on a range of aligner subjects.


Here is a “Pearl” from one of the Aligner “greats”.
Facial AESTHETICS and Orthodontic Treatment.

Orthodontic approach to facial aesthetics has changed over time, generating a paradigm shift regarding the importance of soft tissue over hard tissue management. Cephalometrics aid the orthodontist in the understanding of aetiology of malocclusions and gives us some insight on developing a treatment plan, nevertheless, many times the facial profile of the patient points us in another direction.


SprintRay is a technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals.
Because we control the design, manufacturing, and support of our products, SprintRay is uniquely positioned to provide full-stop additive manufacturing solutions that are both cutting-edge and user-friendly.


Spark™ clear aligners new release 12.
Gives doctors more control, flexibility and efficiency in case setup and treatment planning.

Enhanced patient root visualization, notable clinical improvements.


The European Orthodontic Society looks forward to welcoming EAS members and colleagues in Limassol, Cyprus for the 97th EOS Annual Congress, from 30th May to 3rd June 2022.

It promises to be an excellent congress, in a wonderful destination!


It’s truly great when one of our non-European “OVERSEAS” members gives EAS such a glowing report!

Barry Winnick from the USA writes:
“As a member of the European Aligner Society since 2016, I enthusiastically recommend this scientific organization to any clinician desiring leading-edge aligner education. Despite some confusion about the name with many in my country, this is truly an international “every continent” organization with worldwide contributions from leading researchers, clinicians, academic institutions, and manufacturers. The founders of the organization had great vision both for the future of aligner orthodontic therapy and education. 

The live meetings are meticulously planned, and since the first meeting in 2016, all have been recorded in high definition for membership viewing, one of the many benefits of being a member. Reinforcing my point about meticulous planning, the upcoming meeting in Portugal will be live-streamed for those who cannot attend. With the pandemic, zoom lectures were provided and again recorded for later viewing. Additionally, the quarterly Journal of Aligner Orthodontics (JAO) is included in the modest annual membership dues. With all these benefits, I am confident any clinician interested in aligner orthodontic education will find unparalleled value and a treasure trove of educational opportunities joining EAS.”


From those of you who attended EAS 3rd Congress, we would like to hear your views about getting to Malta and attending 3rd Congress.

Even if travel was difficult, was it worth it to come to 3rd Congress? Anything you have to share will make EAS future meetings and 4th Congress in Torino 2023, better experiences for you.
We would also like your views about the EAS, our programmes - from congresses to webinars, the EAS website, what benefits we can strive to provide, the JAO, or whatever?  What do you think about our communications with you?

Please share your views: secretary@eas-alingers.com

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