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Issue 6, Autumn 2022

The summer holiday season gives us a welcome break and a chance to reflect on the many learnings from the EAS Summer Meeting.
Judging by your feedback, one of the highlights for was undoubtedly the chance to meet up with EAS members from across Europe in person… there is nothing like personal interaction to help us thrive clinically as well as emotionally!

In this issue we digest some of the Meeting highlights - the most exciting of which was the official launch of the new European Board of Aligner Orthodontics’ (EBAO’s) certification of excellence in aligner orthodontics and accreditation process. 
We also announced the venue and theme for the EAS bi-annual congress which is taking place in May 2023, so please do note the date in your diary now - we believe the speaker line up and agenda are quite possibly the most impressive we have ever assembled.


The second European Aligner Society (EAS) Summer Meeting, held in the spectacular World Heritage city of Porto in Portugal on 1 and 2 July, was attended by 276 dental professionals.

Delivered under the overriding theme of "Aligners and 3D planning: From virtual to real", the event provided a day of lectures and a day of workshops and in-depth courses hosted by leading aligner and treatment planning companies. 11 exhibitors presented their latest innovations in two dedicated event areas...


At Summer Meeting in Porto, Dr Tommaso Castroflorio, EAS President and Academic Chairperson, declared the exciting launch of the new European Board of Aligner Orthodontics’ (EBAO’s) certification of excellence in aligner orthodontics and accreditation process.  

He also announced EAS’ partnership with Align Technology, aimed at elevating education standards in orthodontic aligner therapy. Align will be advocating its educational programmes as preparation for the EBAO Clinical Master, and EAS recognises them as being compliant with the EBAO clinical guidelines and objectives.
Information on the EBAO Clinical Master process can be found on the EAS website.


For EAS members unable to attend the Summer Meeting in Porto, we have produced the videos of all the Plenary Lectures and Workshops.

Videos of the Plenary Lectures on Friday, July 1st and Workshops on Saturday, July 2nd have been recorded and edited.The library of lectures is available on the EAS website under “Video Lectures” > “Summer Meeting Porto”.
The Video Lectures are complimentary to ALL EAS members and you will receive the access codes via email. 
For non-members the lectures can be purchased: Non-Members (on-line access) = 250€


Here is a “Pearl” from one of the Aligner “greats”.
Hybrid Mechanics for Efficacious Management of a Palatally Impacted Canine: a Case Report

Maxillary impacted canines are commonly encountered in orthodontics; their frequency is well reported in the general population. Approximately 2.5% of maxillary canines become impacted. Various traction modalities have been employed in orthodontic literature with both vestibular and lingual appliance systems for both labially and palatally impacted canines. This case report is amongst the first to describe hybrid mechanics, staging, and clinical protocols with aligner therapy for successful management of a palatally impacted canine.


We are sure that you share with us the joy of being together at the EAS Summer Meeting in Porto, which was an excellent opportunity for promoting exchange among colleagues.

This EAS Summer Meeting in 2022 allowed us to show Intensiv products and to give the great opportunity to the delegates to experience at first hand our products during the five sessions of Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Workshops.
We thank the speaker Dr. Pablo Kehyaian for his excellent presentation featuring Intensiv products and we are grateful for the opportunity of organizing the workshops, which enabled to put into practice what was learned during the presentation.


Align Technology announced a new collaboration with European Aligner Society (EAS) at the Society’s Summer Meeting in Portugal. 

The collaboration is intended to elevate educational standards in orthodontic aligner therapy, which are consistent with the EAS/European Board of Aligner Orthodontics (EBAO) Clinical Excellence Master requirements.


Turin, a major cultural centre of Northern Italy and Dr Castroflorio’s home city, will play host the fourth biennial EAS congress from 11 to 13 May 2023. The theme of the congress will be "The Next Level" in aligner orthodontics.
Technologies are progressing so fast that it would not be an overstatement to say that the event will have much new to report.

Looking forward to Congress, Dr Castroflorio commented: ”Together with the scientific chairman, Dr Francesco Garino, we have titled the congress “The next level” in aligner orthodontics. The next level because I have asked my “super ortho” friends around the world to be with us on stage to explain why they are now using aligners in their clinical practice, because some in the past were against aligners. I think that these super orthodontists can literally bring us to the next level. In the past, they were at the top in terms of conventional orthodontics, so I am convinced that they can teach us how to reach excellence by sharing their skills with us.”

According to Lonely Planet: “There's a whiff of Paris in Turin's elegant tree-lined boulevards and echoes of Vienna in its stately art-nouveau cafes, but make no mistake - this elegant, Alp-fringed city is utterly self-possessed. The industrious Torinese gave the world its first saleable hard chocolate and Italy's most iconic car, the Fiat. Its booming contemporary art, architecture and live-music scene and innovative food and wine culture are definitely aspects you'll want to discover.”

Dr Castroflorio concludes: “I believe it will be a great Congress. The event venue - and the Lingotto auditorium in particular - is impressive. Turin was the capital of Italy and is now the capital of Piedmont. It is a royal city, a beautiful city, with a great history and an important cultural centre.  There will be much to explore clinically and from a visitor’s perspective and I can’t wait to welcome the EAS family to my home ground.”

The world-class speaker roster and full agenda for the Turin Congress can be viewed on EAS website.


The benefits of being a member of the European Aligner Society are growing, as you can see:

  1. The many benefits of associating with like-minded clinicians who hold orthodontic aligner treatment close to their hearts.
  2. The benefits of virtual and physical meetings addressed by the leading clear aligner experts from around the world.
  3. The ability to engage with other aligner clinicians to learn from their experience, skills and knowledge.


4. Direct connections with aligner associated product producers through meetings, on-line engagements and benefit from direct offers.
5. The potential to take part in the European Board of Aligner Orthodontics’ (EBAO’s) certification of excellence in aligner orthodontics and accreditation process.
6. Demonstrable links with a respected society which has the sole focus of the furtherment of the most contemporary form of orthodontic treatment.
7. Access to the high rated academic Journal of Aligner Orthodontics.
8. A quarterly newsletter, bringing you updates from the Society, its members, and supporters.
9. Videos of meeting lectures so that you can refresh your memory (or view it for the first time if you were unable to attend).

Now is a good time to renew your EAS membership so that you can also benefit from a lower registration rate at our 4th Congress in 2023.


TPAO Congress on Digital treatment planning in aligner orthodontics
24 - 25 November 2023, Hamburg, Germany




From those of you who attended EAS 3rd Congress, we would like to hear your views about getting to Malta and attending 3rd Congress.

Even if travel was difficult, was it worth it to come to 3rd Congress? Anything you have to share will make EAS future meetings and 4th Congress in Torino 2023, better experiences for you.
We would also like your views about the EAS, our programmes - from congresses to webinars, the EAS website, what benefits we can strive to provide, the JAO, or whatever?  What do you think about our communications with you?

Please share your views: secretary@eas-alingers.com

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