EAS Newsletter #9 - Autumn 2023

Looking Forward. Looking Back

As the nights close in and the weather gets colder we would like to offer a warm welcome to our final newsletter of the year. This is a good time to reflect, and as 2023 draws to a close we would like to contemplate the tangible success of EAS’ activities this year, and to look forward to February 2024 when many of us will be together again.

Looking forward

Who would have thought that when the concept of the European Aligner Society was first launched in 2016 that a mere seven years later it would have attracted over 2000 members over the 8 years, and its events would be attended by over 1,000 delegates.

The exponential growth in clear aligner therapy and digital dentistry in those few short years has been exhilarating, and exciting predictions about the rapid changes in digital technologies, particularly 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics will change the shape of dentistry in the next five to ten years – more so than the combined developments of the past 30 years, making the prospects for the profession a breath taking challenge. In fact, there has never been a more exciting time to be a dental professional.


To future-proof ourselves we must adapt a new mindset and prepare for the changes to come. To paraphrase a saying … ‘it's not the fastest or the strongest that succeeds, it's the one that's most adaptable to change’.

It’s about having an open mindset and not being restricted by dogmas of previous years. But that doesn't mean jumping into every different technology that presents as soon as it arrives, because obviously there's lots of companies looking to benefit financially from the technological advancement and not all of these technologies will succeed.

However, having that open mindset, doing your research and adopting it pragmatically will reap multiple rewards for all parties involved in dentistry.

Looking back

One of the exciting reasons to particpate in EAS events is it provides a gateway to some of Europe’s most desirable locations. This year was no exception as the fourth Congress, held between 11th - 13th May 2023 was in Turin in Italy. Extending the travel and passport analogy, the event also attracted delegates from 67 countries, providing the opportunity to learn from and network with colleagues who are making the greatest strides in aligner therapy worldwide.

The Turin event was the best attended event the Society has organised, but we are hoping to exceed that in 2024 (more of which later). We attracted 1,095 delegates and were supported by twenty-two companies which shows just how impressively the field of aligner orthodontics is burgeoning. This compares with 300 participants at the first EAS Congress in Vienna 2016.


EAS President Dr Tommaso Castroflorio and EAS Scientific Chairman Dr Francesco Garino reflected on the progress made in the development of aligner technologies since the Society’s inception, and how this has touched, and in many cases, changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

Now is the time to build on the first seven years and consider how the members of the Society are going to be changing the lives of so many more people as our ability to tackle more complex cases, and work on the most exciting and exacting restorative challenges so much more effectively.

Looking towards Spain

European Aligner Society announces aim to “surpass the limits of aligner orthodontics” in Valencia, Spain.

Renowned for its marriage of historic and futuristic architecture, food and culture, Valencia, Spain, counts three UNESCO listings. It also has dazzling beaches within walking distance of its startling city landscape.

Spain’s national rice dish was first cooked in a freshwater lagoon near the city. The original recipe included chicken, rabbit, and sometimes snails. However, peas, chorizo, and red peppers are never used in an authentic paella valenciana.

The drink of choice in Valencia is Agua de Valencia, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by its innocent-sounding name, it doesn’t have a drop of water in it - but is considered the perfect pick-me-up after a day of lectures or sightseeing.

Ingredients include freshly squeezed orange juice, cava (Spanish sparkling wine), vodka, gin, and lots of ice: ¡salud!


The month of February in Valencia is renowned for its with medieval markets and colourful carnival parades, and as for the ‘rain in Spain’ - Valencia in February and March is known for its mild and comfortable climate.

Now there is another reason to book mark this must-visit destination. The European Aligner Society’s 5th Congress takes place in Valencia between 29 February and 2 March 2024, and will explore ways to exceed the perceived parameters of aligner orthodontics and digital technologies.

Following the burgeoning success of the EAS and its fourth congress which was attended by over 1,000 delegates, the theme of the fifth Congress is Aligners: Surpassing the Limits. The scientific chair, Dr Gina Theodoridis and the Congress committee have curated an expansive programme of plenary lectures, spanning two days, offering a passport to the world of clear aligner therapy expertise. 23 highly-respected and innovative speakers who are pushing the boundaries of aligner therapy from – clinical to research - have accepted invitations to present their latest findings. The full programme and speaker line up can be viewed on https://www.eas-aligners.com.

In addition to the plenary sessions there is a full programme for practice team members. The aim of this parallel agenda is to bring subjects such as patient workflow, patient engagement, patient negotiation, office set-up, 3D printing, and staff wellbeing into sharper focus. Dental students are also being encouraged to register through their university teaching programmes and can take advantage of a discount off the full delegate rate.

Village of Aligner Lab Innovation, new to the 2024 Congress

New to the Congress is a village of Aligner Lab innovation workshops and masterclasses staged by the leading companies in the sector to offer a more in-depth deep dive into a particular treatment aspect, a hands on digital experience or a chance to come face to face with the experts in the sector.
EAS is committed to sustainability. Water will be provided by waters coolers and water flasks have been donated by a major sponsor. Bags and much of the other materials used, will be either recyclable or made from recycled materials.

According to the EAS President Jose Gandia “The European Aligner Society is the leading voice of innovation in aligner orthodontics as well in digital orthodontics in Europe and worldwide. Our mission is to create meeting opportunities for orthodontists, dental professionals and companies by supporting the development of strong and effective educational initiatives to assist them in starting, stabilising, and expanding their businesses. We very much look forward to welcoming those who are new to the EAS, as well as our growing family of members, to meet up in Valencia and to learn and grow from associating with the leading lights in the sector.“

The Congress has been deliberately scheduled to run from Thursday to Saturday to give delegates both the maximum learning experience, and sometime during and after the event to explore the beauty and history of the city. For more information and to registrations: https://www.eas-aligners.com

Legacy Fund

We are currently working a plan which will create a legacy for future generations, both of clinicians and prospective patients, particularly in the developing world. By levying a 30 Euro contribution to the EAS Legacy Fund, each Congress delegate will be contributing to the future of our profession and prospective patients, particularly those in developing countries.


  • A three year grant worth 10,000 Euro a year to fund the training of a healthcare educator in a low income country. While training and skills development for disadvantaged communities are crucial, it is equally pivotal to consider ways to fuel a sustainable model which will enable the person to work in their community to bring about tangible and sustainable local oral health improvements.
  • A three year grant worth 10,000 Euro a year to fund research into the next generation of clear aligner therapy.
  • A donation to Operation Smile which works with local health care providers, governments, non-profit organisations and hospitals to deliver the most effective and safe surgical care to cleft lip and palate patients in low income countries. By creating this sustainable model, Operation Smile empowers long term training and local long-term care rather than swooping in and moving on. As a result, 78% of the medical volunteer positions on its surgical programmes in 2020 were held by healthcare professionals.


At start of the 4th EAS Congress in Torino the Dr Tomaso Castroflorio invited attendees to download the United Nations’ AWorld app , which was developed to encourage living in a more sustainable way in a modern world, with less paper and less plastic. It was created in support of ActNow - the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability.

The app incentivises people to take sustainable action through everyday ‘habits’ and actions which they can log and track. It also provides them with their impact metrics, educational journeys, tips and quizzes, and engages them through the use of eye-catching visuals and solutions-oriented content.


The EAS is keen to foster more projects which encourage sustainability and is embracing ways to reduce Congress wastage. So at the 5th Congress, Align Technology will be providing water bottles for all the delegates, which can be refilled at water cooler stations throughout the venue. We are also aiming for a paperless event, there will be no paper version of the Congress programme - it will all be provided on our event app, and even the roll up banners will be fabricated from recyclable material.

We are also looking into other initiatives which will make future events even more sustainable and are keen to explore offsetting and other ideas. We would value input from EAS members with experience in this field, so please do let us have your suggestions and advice: office@eas-aligners.com

European Board of Aligner Orthodontics

Announcement of the 2nd Board exam to take place on Thursday 29th February 2024 at 5th Congress Valencia

Following the success of the first 15 candidates who sat the first EBAO examination which was held at EAS 4th Congress, Torino in May 2023, EAS invited clinicians to submit case for the Clinical Masters Membership of EBAO examination which takes place on 29th February 2024 at 5th Congress Valencia.

There are two pathways to achieving EABO validation in two stages:

  • Initial submission of 2 cases for the EBAO Proficiency Award, followed by
  • Submission of a further 3 cases for the EBAO Clinical Excellence Award
    Alternatively, clinicians can present 5 cases in one submission for the EBAO Clinical Excellence Award.

The examination for 2024 will be held at EAS 5th Congress Valencia on the morning of Thursday February 29th and successful candidates will be presented with their Awards during the afternoon plenary session on Saturday 2nd March.

EAS will also be announcing the Honorary Members of EBAO and the recipient of the Bob Boyd Award.

UPDATE: The 2nd Board examination has attracted 20 candidates for the Excellence Award, and 8 candidates for the Proficiency Award.

Full Guidelines and a “How To” for future reference are available at https://ebao.eas-aligners.com/

"Embarking on the journey to achieve EBAO recognition has been a highly demanding but at the same time stimulating effort. Throughout the preparation for this examination, I found myself fully immersed in a process that not only tested my orthodontic knowledge and skills but also provided a unique opportunity to thoroughly study my clinical cases. It became a platform for me to discern the areas where improvement was still possible.

The oral examination was a particularly enriching experience, offering a chance to engage with some of the most prominent figures in the field of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. Facing and interacting with these experts not only heightened the difficulty level but also contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth.

The pinnacle of this journey was undoubtedly the award ceremony, a moment of great intensity. Standing on stage alongside colleagues who passed the exam and being with the "titans" of modern orthodontics was a surreal and fulfilling experience. It was a culmination of hard work, dedication, and the shared commitment to advancing the field.

Undoubtedly, this experience was tough and demanding, but the rewards reaped from the journey made every challenge worthwhile. The recognition from EBAO stands not only as a testament to my proficiency but also as a symbol of the dedication invested in the pursuit of excellence in orthodontics."

After a decade of owning my orthodontic practice, I felt sufficiently self-assured to apply for the EBAO exam.

Choosing suitable cases and preparing the presentations is a high demanding and time-consuming process. However, it ́s crucial to note that the effort is rewarding, as delving into your cases enhances your learning significantly.

The exam and case discussions are conducted in a friedly manner, providing valuable and honest feedback on your daily work.

Earning qualification from the EBAO signifies a high standard of orthodontic experience, earning widespread appreciation from colleagues across the globe.

So take a bold step, apply for the EBAO exam, and join a community that is truly inspiring!


Update from our Supporters

We are delighted to announce that Align Technology has the honour of being an Elite Diamond sponsor for the 2024 EAS congress taking place in Valencia, Spain.

We are excited to inform you that we will have Zelko Relic, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Align Technology, speaking about Align’s most recent innovations.

Align has been committed to innovation for the last 25 years, moving the clear aligner therapy sector forward with innovative solutions for the Invisalign System and the iTero intraoral scanner.

In full synergy with the EAS Congress theme of “Surpassing the limits of Aligner Orthodontics” we look forward to sharing with you what the future holds next for digital orthodontic treatment.

Please also join us at our booth, 1A to hear more about Align Technology’s innovations.

Angelalign Technology Inc. is a global provider of clear aligner technology with evidence based clinical expertise.  With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to research and digital innovation, Angelalign Technology Inc. has treated over 1 million smiles, and is expanding its expertise and global footprint.

Angel Aligner provides a comprehensive portfolio, offering treatment options for every stage: from kids (6 years old) to mature age.

Delegates participating in the European Aligner Society 5th Congress in Valencia, Spain, will be able to discover the many features of our portfolio, including, but not limited to:

Angel Aligner A6 Mandibular Advancement solution which combines the two orthodontic phases into one, corrects and aligns the malaligned teeth and adjusts the occlusal relationship simultaneously, thus improving the orthodontic efficiency, and shortening the orthodontic duration.

Angel Aligner angelButtonTM, an auxiliary feature manufactured directly into Angel Aligners. angelButtons provide an additional anchorage point to support the use of elastics in Angel Aligner treatment.

These buttons can be added and/or adjusted anywhere on the arch and are designed with high structural integrity to facilitate efficient tooth movement via elastics.

Angel Aligner KiD offering several treatment options for mixed dentition treatment with facial management and malocclusion prevention with “Teeth-Bones-Muscles” Three-in-One Solution for Kids in Tooth Transition Period and possible combination with functional appliances.

Angel Aligner Pro adapted for complex cases with the use of dual material in each stage, improving treatment efficiency and precise control.

Furthermore our iOrthoTM treatment planning software offers orthodontists a wide range of features. Artificial intelligence-based analysis and a treatment results simulator are integrated, and the solutions of the IRS (Intelligent Root System) - cephalometry - open new possibilities in treatment planning, optimizing staging solutions.

More than 600 medical technicians and software engineers turn the treatment wishes of orthodontists around the world into reality, delivering outstanding setup quality in a fast turnaround time.

For more information, visit angelaligner.com.

Don’t miss our First Angel Aligner Symposium “Together towards the Future”, where we will gather to explore the forefront of innovation and collaboration in the orthodontic field. March 21-23, 2024 in Málaga, Spain, register here.


There are a number of benefits that are part of being a member of the European Aligner Society:
  • The capability of associating with like-minded clinicians who hold orthodontic aligner treatment close to their hearts.
  • The benefits of virtual and physical meetings addressed by the leading clear aligner experts from around the world
  • The ability to engage with other aligner clinicians to learn from their experience, skills and knowledge
  • Direct connections with aligner associated product producers through meetings, on-line engagements and benefit from direct offers.
  • The potential to take part in the European Board of Aligner Orthodontics’ (EBAO’s) certification of excellence in aligner orthodontics and accreditation process.
  • Demonstrable links with a respected society which has the sole focus of the furtherment of the most contemporary form of orthodontic treatment
  • Access to the high rated academic Journal of Aligner Orthodontics
  • A tri-yearly newsletter, bringing you updates from the Society, its members, and supporters.
  • Videos of past Congress and Meeting Lectures so that you can refresh your memory (or view it for the first time if you were unable to attend)
And in the near future:
  • A Clinicians Locator Guide so that patients can view your credentials and connect directly with your office.
  • A Gallery of Cases for clinicians to use to explain treatment with aligners to patients
  • On-line education tools for patients to give a better understanding of aligner provision.

Now is a good time to renew your EAS membership so that you can also benefit from a lower registration rate at our 5th Congress in 2024.

For more information please visit www.eas-aligners.com. We look forward to seeing you in Valencia from February 29th to March 2nd 2024.


EAS wishes to acknowledge its SPONSORS for 2023, whose support and contribution allows EAS to fulfil its educational function and activities. Big thank you to:

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