EAS Newsletter #2 June 2021

News from the European Aligner Society in an EASy to digest format

Issue 2, June 2021

Where have the last three months gone? Here we are with Issue 2 of the EAS Quarterly Newsletter and we have a number of items to raise with you.

Response to the first newsletter was very encouraging and we remain keen to hear from EAS Members about any topics of interest, any thoughts or ideas you would like to share with your colleagues, any suggestions that would make EAS an even better society to belong to - after all it is your society, and therefore we need to make sure it gives you what you are looking for.  

The newsletter is an informal instrument. It’s not intended for scientific or academic projections but as a spring board for talking ‘shop’ on a variety of subjects related to aligner therapy. Who knows, if we encourage enough dialogue perhaps we could transfer to a discussion forum through the EAS website, but one step at a time! 


Alain Souchet, Specialist Orthodontist in Mulhouse, France and President of EAS, discusses Clear Aligner Techniques and CBCT. 

"I would like to share some thoughts with EAS members about the subject of Clear Align Techniques and CBCT." 


The rise in the direct application of aligner orthodontic treatment from aligner manufacturer to patient has, and is, causing concern amongst the dental profession.
Graham Gardner gives us the considered opinion of the EAS on the "Do-it-yourself-orthodontics" topic.

Do you have a view on DIY aligner orthodontics? 
Read more and let us know your thoughts to the “discussion” mailing to office@eas-aligners.com


Introducing SureCure Orthodontic Aligners - Beautiful Smiles for Less.
SureCure™ Aligners is a division of Digital Orthodontic Care™, a global entity and Canada’s leading manufacturer of Clear Orthodontic Aligners. 

All SureCure products are manufactured at DOC’s 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art fabrication and clinician training complex, located in Milton, ON, Canada.  SureCure Aligners create beautiful smiles for your patients, at up to 50% less than the leading brand. 


EAS has been keeping an eye on the news media and we will try to bring you news about clear aligners from across the World. 

Spark™ Clear Aligners Announces Most Substantial Upgrade: 
“Spark's Release 10 introduces proprietary features not previously available with clear aligner therapy. Designed to give orthodontists greater start-to-finish control for more predictable & efficient treatment planning." 

News from Ormco January 14, 2021


Road to Malta - luminary line up to present a fascinating webinar series.

In the run up to the 3rd Congress we have launched a ‘Road to Malta’ series of four webinars. Each takes place from 19:00 - 20:00 CET, on Tuesdays: 25th May, 15th June, 20th July, 7th September. 
The webinars feature such aligner luminaries as Dr Armando Dias da Silva, Dr Federico Migliori and Dr Alessandro Greco, Dr Arash Zarrinpour and Dr Ivan Malagon...


The 3rd EAS Congress will take place from 7–9 October 2021, in Malta. 

Vaccination roll-out through the EU and most other major countries around the world is progressing well enough to allow EAS to predict that 3rd Congress will take place. Final de-restrictions will not be announced until closer to October but at present, Malta is on most countries GREEN list for travel and restrictions on social interaction will be minimal.

So let’s get ready to meet up in person, attend presentations some of the most influential and interesting speakers in aligner therapy and generally, engage in all things aligner.

The EAS has curated an absorbing program which progressively builds on the knowledge from its first two congresses (and meetings), and continues to explore the perpetual advances in technologies and techniques in aligner orthodontics. The Congress will draw together the latest innovations presented by an International line-up of expert speakers. The program’s curators have put together two and a half days of plenary lectures, peppered with break-out sessions and workshops, so that the learnings are delivered in a measured way, and allows everyone to dip in or delve deeper into subjects which interest them most.

This may be one of the first large congresses allowed after a year of coronavirus closedown. EAS looks forward to seeing you all in Malta in October 2021. The full program and all the registration details are available at www.eas-aligners.com
Booking opens on 1 July 2021.


While this newsletter goes out to ALL our EAS members, I wonder if everyone, members and non-members alike appreciate the many benefits of EAS membership? 

1. Belonging to an association of like-minded clinicians who hold orthodontic aligners treatment close to their hearts.
2. Benefiting from virtual and physical meetings addressed by the leading clear aligner experts from around the world
3. Being able to engage with other aligner clinicians to learn from their experience, skills and knowledge.

4. Forging direct connections with aligner associated product producers through meetings, on-line engagements and benefit from direct offers.
5. Demonstrating links with a respected society which has the sole focus of the furtherment of the most contemporary form of orthodontic treatment
6. Having access to the high rated academic Journal of Aligner Orthodontics. Read all about it, and while you are perusing the articles, it might be a good time to renew your EAS membership so that you can benefit from a lower registration rate at our October congress.

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