EAS Newsletter #4 Winter 2022

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Issue 4, Winter 2022

Issue 4 of the EAS Quarterly Newsletter comes to you post the EAS 3rd Congress Malta which finally took place from 7 - 9 October 2021. While EAS had hoped for a larger in-person turn-out, we understood the hesitation of attendees to travel and to engage face-to-face; however, we would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who attended. The effort you all made to be in Malta was most appreciated and we hope you agree that our scientific program as well as the beautiful location made it all worthwhile!
In our previous newsletter we asked for your opinions about the pros and cons of attending face-to-face meetings (please see the end of this newsletter for ways to offer your feedback). This is particularly important as EAS is currently planning a Summer Meeting in July 2022 and we would welcome your thoughts on attending face-to-face vs attending virtually.


Dr Graham Gardner - Past President of the European Aligner Society reviews the 3rd Annual Congress in Malta, 7-9 October 2021.

EAS 3rd Congress Malta 2021 proved a great success, as Dr Graham Gardner, Past President of the EAS reports...


One of the benefits of EAS membership is free access to relive the meetings from previous Congresses and Spring Meetings.


EAS Summer Meeting 2022, Oporto, Portugal
Following the first steps towards resuming face-to-face meetings with EAS 3rd Congress Malta, after the long drought of Covid-19, EAS is happy to announce its 2nd Summer Meeting in Oporto, Portugal in July 2022 - date to be confirmed and announced.

In conjunction with the Portuguese Aligner Society, EAS will conjure up a day of plenary lectures, followed by an extended half-day of Workshops/Labs in 4-6 specific disciplines related to aligners.


Spark Aligners does it again with market leading innovation and new fda approval to give doctors greater control and flexibility.

New Features in Release 11 Combined with Expanded Indication for Mixed Dentition to Treat Kids and Teens is a Home Run for Doctors.


Here is a “Pearl” from one of the Aligner “greats”.
Active Retention for “unstable” orthodontic result in open-bite cases.
Rafi Romano, Tel Aviv, Israel

One of the main obstacles in modern dentistry is the ability to predict the orthodontic result. Yet, the most complicated and unpredicted is the teeth movement and their stability during the retention period.
Open bite cases present probably the most challenging malocclusions since...


While this newsletter goes out to ALL our EAS members, I wonder if everyone, members and non-members alike appreciate the many benefits of EAS membership?

  1. Belonging to an association of like-minded clinicians who hold orthodontic aligners treatment close to their hearts.
  2. Benefiting from virtual and physical meetings addressed by the leading clear aligner experts from around the world
  3. Being able to engage with other aligner clinicians to learn from their experience, skills and knowledge.

4. Forging direct connections with aligner associated product producers through meetings, on-line engagements and benefit from direct offers.
5. Demonstrating links with a respected society which has the sole focus of the furtherment of the most contemporary form of orthodontic treatment
6. Having access to the high rated academic Journal of Aligner Orthodontics. Read all about it, and while you are perusing the articles, it might be a good time to renew your EAS membership so that you can benefit from a lower registration rate at our 2nd Spring/Summer meeting in 2022


From those of you who attended EAS 3rd Congress, we would like to hear your views about getting to Malta and attending 3rd Congress.

Even if travel was difficult, was it worth it to come to 3rd Congress? Anything you have to share will make EAS future meetings and 4th Congress in Torino 2023, better experiences for you.
We would also like your views about the EAS, our programmes - from congresses to webinars, the EAS website, what benefits we can strive to provide, the JAO, or whatever?  What do you think about our communications with you?

Please share your views: secretary@eas-alingers.com

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