1st EAS Congress, Vienna, Austria

13 February 16 14 February 16
Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to invite you to the 1st European Aligner Society (EAS) Congress to be held in Vienna, Austria on the 13th and 14th February 2016.
EAS was formed in 2014 by aligner provider colleagues from 5 major European countries – Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK. EAS was established to bring together all the clinicians and manufacturers who are involved with aligner therapy and use their combined strengths to raise the awareness, the effectiveness and the outcomes of aligner based treatment.
In pursuit of the aims and objectives of EAS, the 1st EAS Congress will feature a full day and a half of lectures by internationally renown orthodontists who have a variety of interests in aligner therapy. EAS will also have workshops on intra-oral scanning, 3D scanning and printing and 3D treatment planning


This will be a great opportunity to contact colleagues who share an enthusiasm for aligner therapy. Vienna is a beautiful city and as it’s Valentine weekend, EAS will be hosting a “Valentine” dinner on the Saturday night. So bring your loved ones for a romantic and intellectual weekend (or even long weekend). There is much to do and see in Vienna and being in the “centre” of Europe, its accessibility is perfect. For all the details, www.eas-aligners.com and see for yourself the “who’s who” of aligner therapy. Registration is now open so reserve a place as there is a limit on numbers.

Welcome to EAS Vienna 2016.

Dr. Graham Gardner
President of the European Aligner Society
ON LINE registration deadline for the 1st EAS Congress is January 31, 2016. After that date only ON SITE registrations will be possible, but ONLY if seats are available since space is LIMITED. An extra charge of 50 € will be applied for on site registrations.






8.00 – 9.00    Registration and badge pick up


9.00   Opening Ceremony

– presentation: G. GARDNER, President

– presentation: T. CASTROFLORIO, Scientific Chairman: Program of the congress

– intro prof. H.P. BANTLEON University of Vienna, Austria


9.30-10.15     T.WHEELER, Gainesville, USA

Factors that impact the outcome of tooth movement with aligners


10.15-10.35   B. REISTENHOFER, Vienna, Austria

Open bite treatment with Invisalign


10.35-10.55   A. SOUCHET, Mulhouse, France

3D orthodontics and aligner therapy: what’s next?


11.00-11.30   Trade exhibition opening / Coffee break


11.30-12.15    L. CARRIERE, Barcelona, Spain  (videoconference) 

Motion Carriere: a new tool in treatment with aligners


12.15-13.00    E. KUO, San Francisco, USA

Clinical research opportunities in Clear Aligner Orthodontics


13.00-14.30   Trade exhibition / Lunch time


14.30-14.50    W.T. BITTNER, Berlin, Germany

To finish first, you first have to finish: Cad/Cam treatment with Suresmile, positioners and aligners


14.50-15.10    J. MAH, Las Vegas, USA

Expanding the scope of aligner therapy with combination treatments and early treatment


15.15-16.00   P. ECHARRI, Barcelona, Spain

Realistic objectives with CA Clear Aligner therapy: how far can we move teeth?


16.00-16.30   Trade exhibition / Coffee break


16.30-16.50   K. THEDENS, Bremen, Germany

Treatment of class III malocclusions with CA aligners


16.50-17.10   N. TAL, London, UK

The development of new aligner systems


17.10-17.30   B. WILMES, Düsseldorf, Germany

Tads within aligner therapy


17.30-17.50   S. VELO, Padua, Italy

Possibilities and limitations with the Arc Angel aligner system


17.50-18.00   S. RAVERA, Taranto, Italy

Maxillary molar distalization in adult patients: a comparative study of two techniques


18.00-18.10   M. A. BENATTIA, El Marsa, Tunisia

Aligners: from set-up to treatment


18.10-18.20 Closing remarks


20.00       President’s gala dinner




8.00 – 9.00    Registration and badge pick up


08.40-08.50     M. PAPAKOSTOPOULOU, A. PAPAKOSTOPOULOS, Athens, Greece

Evidence based facts regarding orthodontic aligner treatment: switching from an experience-based practice to an evidence-based practice


08.50-9.00     G. ROSSINI, Turin, Italy

Upper molar distalization with Invisalign aligners: a finite element analysis study


9.00-9.20     M. TRIBÒ, Zurich, Switzerland

Acceleration of Aligner treatment through photobiomodulation


9.20-9.40    K. OJIMA, Tokyo, Japan

My protocols in accelerated orthodontics in aligner treatments


9.40-10.00  A. DIASPRO, Turin, Italy

Incisalign: corticisions and Invisalign therapy


10.00-10.10   S. REGRAGUI, W. RERHRHAYE, Rabat, Morocco

Efficacy of clear aligners in controlling vertical tooth movement: a systematic review


10.10-10.20   W. SABOUNI, P. CHANAVAZ, Bandol, France

Surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion and Invisalign for the treatment of maxillary constriction in adults: a new protocol


10.20-11.00   W. SCHUPP, Cologne, Germany

TMJ and aligner therapy


11.00-11.30   Trade exhibition / Coffee break


11.30-11.50   R. AULAKH, London, UK

Pre-restorative treatments with aligner treatments


12.10-12.30   A. GRECO, Rome, Italy  

Combo treatments


12.30-12.50   G. FRANCESCONI, Lugano, Switzerland

Retention in aligner treatments


12.50-13.00   G. LECOCQ, Valenciennes, France

Aligners and 3D technology: reliability of in-office processes


13.00-13.10   G. THEODORIDIS, Athens, Greece

Utilizing palatal temporary anchorage devices (TADs) in the treatment of complex cases with aligners


13.10-13.20   Awards and closing remarks

13.20-14.30   Farewell drink and finger food


9.00-13.30     HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS:

Kafka Room:

9.00-11.00     Dolphin Imaging

An efficient tool in treatment with aligners

11.30-12.15    Biolux/Orthopulse

Accelerating treatment with photobiomodulation

12.30-13.30   Biolux/Orthopulse

OrthoPulse user group meeting


Berg Room:

9.00-10.00       I-Tero

Element hands on workshop

10.00-11.00     Invisalign – Dr. Eric Kuo

Management of vertical dimension challenges in clear aligner orthodontic treatments

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.30     I-Tero

Element hands on workshop




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