EAS Meetings

Vienna 2016 - The First Congress

February 2016

The first initiative for EAS was to hold its 1st Congress on Valentine’s weekend in February 2016 in Vienna, under the 1st President of EAS, Dr Graham Gardner. This inaugural Congress proved a great success in terms of scientific program, doctor attendance and exhibitor presence. Some of the world’s leading experts in the aligner field were invited to address the inaugural Congress.

Vienna 2017 - The Aligner Lab

February 2017


The inaugural event was followed in 2017 with a shortened 1-day Spring Meeting – EAS AlignerLab, which was held in the same venue as the 1st Congress, Vienna. The meeting focussed on 10 subjects related to aligner therapy, ranging from 3D scanning, 3D printing, virtual assessment and treatment planning and accelerated tooth movement techniques. All delegates attended the 10 lecture / workshops for 45-minutes on a rolling basis throughout the day.

Venice 2018 - The Second Congress

February 2018

Hosted by the 2nd President of EAS, Dr Francesco Garino, the congress promised to update delegates on the exciting progress taking place in the world of aligner therapy. By bringing together the scientific community, clinicians, manufacturers, developers and tech companies, EAS planned to provide the most complete scientific and clinical education related to aligner therapy, building from the successes achieved in Vienna.

Venice 2019 - The Spring Meeting

March 2019

The European Aligner Society’s Spring Meeting attracted 354 delegates from 41 countries to Venice between March 29-31 2019, so was truly an international forum for disseminating expertise about clear aligner therapy. It was a true reflection of the way a shared passion can bring people from diverse countries together.

EAS Autumn 2020 Virtual Meeting

November 2020

We are all fully aware of how difficult things have been since February 2020 with Covid-19. Keeping updated with the latest in Aligner Therapy is no exception. But EAS has been here to help.
EAS hosted an Autumn Virtual Meeting on Saturday, November 28th 2020. The meeting ran from 13:00 CET (Central European Time) to 18:30 CET.
The program included clinical presentations by 6 specialist speakers, product presentations by 3 company speakers and a chance to engage with 3 sponsors.
The 9 presentations are available to EAS members in the members' area.

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