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In the accumulation of nearly 1 million cases in China, there are some 70% complex cases, mostly extraction and molar distalization cases with less than 2 refinements on average, thanks to our dental-background medical technician team, 10 plus internal senior specialists, the arduous orthodontic principle exploration, and never-ceasing pursuit in developing protocols, aligner features, and orthodontic-oriented software functions.
For instance, to realize effective and comfortable treatment for Class II mandibular retrognathia, we developed A6 mandibular advancement solution by learning from the essence of twin block in 2015. The protocol not only differentiates us from other functional appliances, but also has finished 10,000 cases successfully and efficiently, because of its integration of orthopedic and orthodontic treatments. Besides, the A7 Premolar Extraction Solution and A8 Molar Distalization Solution have been highly thought of as they have increased the treatment efficiency.
To overcome the headache of the limited application of cutout in clear aligner elastics, we worked together with the prestigious orthodontic institutes in China to develop the angelButton elastic solution to enable clinicians to apply all types of elastic solution, such as inter-/intra-maxillary elastic, and combination with TADs wherever and whenever they want in treatment, such as on the interproximal surfaces, lingual side, and pontics. This round-shaped button directly integrated onto the aligner, which can withstand 4500-g force, helps to free doctors from chair-side operation, realizes dynamic traction (even for impacted tooth), and provides comfortable experience for patients.
As our devotion into safe and professional treatment planning, we have been developing the Intelligent Root System (IRS). The function embedded into iOrtho software visualizes root movement to detect fenestration, dehiscence, and maxillary sinus, and allow doctors to modify root movement with the help of apex and COR data. Till now more than 30,000 cases are using IRS. Furthermore, we provide doctors with Intelligent Cephalometric Tool consisting of the functions of cephalometric analysis, tracing, superimposition, VTO, and skeletal age analysis, supporting the mainstream analysis systems.
All the cutting-edge innovative solutions and features, tested sufficiently on the masterForce Biomechanical Analysis Virtual and Physical Platforms, are adopted in our medical-DNA products to realize safe, efficient, and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
For adult patients, we have Angel Aligner Select and Angel Aligner Pro. Pro, as our flagship, one of a kind, using dual materials at each stage with reference to edge-wise technique, improves predictability in complex tooth movement, like bodily movement and torque control, thus increasing overall treatment efficiency and reducing refinement rate. The dual-material approach uses MCS, a multi-layer invisible and soft material (good at expressing adequate force gently), and MC, stiffer material for precise root and torque control. On top of this, in 2019 we launched in China a professional line for children, Angel Aligner KiD, a three-in-one solution focused on dentition, muscle and jaw bone. For example, we provide functional appliances for early-stage interception, and professional solutions for mixed dentition with consideration of orthopedics, orthodontics, and pediatrics.
Taking up No 1 market share in China, and serious in innovation and digital orthodontics, we’ve been keeping investing more than 10% of our revenues in R&D every year, so that we can launch new technologies and innovative solutions on an annual basis to provide world-class professional services and products for our customers to help transform smiles around the world.

The European Aligner Society looks forward to welcoming delegates to its 4th Congress in the wonderful city of Turin on 11-13th May 2023.
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