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Anyone who opts to use FORESTADENT products nowadays benefits from a level of accuracy that is unrivalled on the market. Why? The answer lies in our more than 115-year company history, which has been characterised by the creation of outstanding surface qualities and maximum precision from the company’s outset up to the present day. Over generations, we have acquired complex technical expertise in relation to refining a wide variety of materials. We also have specific skills for making high-precision small parts. This experience acquired over several decades, extreme care and irrepressible innovative spirit make FORESTADENT products what they are today – unique.

Expertise refined from a tradition of jewellery and watch making
Our corporate history started in 1907, when Bernhard Förster purchased a small factory to make spring rings and chain fasteners for the local jewellery industry. Mr Förster’s product range was soon expanded to include watch movement parts and his very own watch movement kits. Complete “FORESTA” brand watches were added to the line after the end of the war.

The structural change within the German jewellery and watch industry in the 1970s and cheap competition from the Far East finally forced the Förster family to shift its focus. So it headed down a path where it could benefit from the wealth of experience it had acquired up until that point in time. FORESTADENT’S Orthodontic journey began in 1974 with the manufacture of expansion screws is now a success story that has lasted for over four decades.

Four generations of experience incorporated in each and every product

If you look back over our 115+ year company history, it’s clear to see that it’s characterised by one goal – the aspiration of always achieving the best possible outcome. This philosophy is reflected in each and every product. Proximity to our customers is an important aspect in this regard. We depend on orthodontists’ know-how to be able to offer you modern, practically relevant solutions. This is precisely why we have been cooperating with renowned experts in surgeries and clinics for over 50 years. Together, they form a globally networked team of clinical consultants whose valuable suggestions flow into our product development processes. But FORESTADENT’s success is also due to instinct and a knack for identifying trends. Digitalisation of orthodontic treatment processes, for example, is increasingly becoming a reality and it’s development is an area we’re increasingly devoting our energies to.

The European Aligner Society looks forward to welcoming delegates to its 4th Congress in the wonderful city of Turin on 11-13th May 2023.
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