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World's 1st direct printed aligner

Graphy’s Direct Aligner fulfills the patients’ aesthetic desire and carries out the alignment process in a short time by directly 3D printing the aligners using patient’s digitalized dental data. Another innovative aspect of it due to its biomechanical movements is its ability to adjust the thickness on each tooth, which is impossible with the thermoforming.
Direct aligner is the first orthodontic device material that cleared FDA 510(k) in the world. As widely known, FDA 510(k) is an essential procedure to guarantee a product’s safety and effectiveness before marketing in the United States. The Direct Aligner is easy to customize according to the characteristics of the patient's teeth, and the entire manufacturing process takes only about an hour, making ‘same-day treatment’ possible. In addition, the Shape Memory Effect, unique to Graphy’s material and the first to be patented in the world, will take the lead in orthodontic practice.
Direct Aligner is not Clear Aligner, but a method of orthodontic treatment. Its way to be directly printed and its science and method broke away from the conventional orthodontic treatment. Direct Aligner has been acknowledged as a state-of-the-art orthodontic device by highly reputed orthodontists in the world.
Graphy has developed a software to design the Direct Aligner called DAD(Direct Aligner Design) to optimize its effects, with various functions to edit measurement data and print Direct Aligner. The DAD software has been developed based on the orthodontic engineering and logic to control the movement of teeth. It’s easy and convenient to operate thanks to its automated features. The Graphy’s developers are constantly improving the software to optimize the treatment plan.
The post process is extremely important for Direct Aligner, where the aligners are firstly sent through a centrifuge to remove the excess resin, and then go to a light curing unit with nitrogen. Graphy’s Tera Harz Cure is the world's first UV curing device that conducts 100% polymerization conversion of Class II materials․ The post curing process fully adapts the aligners and make them usable for compatibility within the mouth, and it’s very important for aligners’ strengths and characteristics.
Currently, recognized for its successful development of high-performance materials, Graphy has signed contracts with world-leading companies in the 3D printer materials business. For the next step, Graphy is getting ready to take a leap into the supply business to not just conform with manufacturing and developing materials, but also to provide various 3D printer application solutions and medical solutions.

The European Aligner Society looks forward to welcoming delegates to its 4th Congress in the wonderful city of Turin on 11-13th May 2023.
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