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Product Update: Spark™ Clear Aligners New Release 13

Spark™ continues to drive innovation, by introducing three new features to empower doctors with more control and flexibility in diagnosis and treatment planning. With Spark Spark™ Release 13, we introduced three new key features:


  • Integrated Hooks – Spark’s proprietary Integrated Hooks are an innovative alternative to current hook or button aligner cutouts when elastics are needed in treatment.*
  • TruRoot – With the all-new TruRoot Feature, Spark™ doctors now have the option to replace the library roots in the Spark Approver Software with the patient’s actual root shape as captured on the CBCT scan, to deliver a more comprehensive root visualization and treatment plan.*
  • Real Time Approval – With Real Time Approval doctors can add, modify, or delete aligner features without the need for change requests.
Integrated Hooks – Proven durability

Spark’s Integrated Hooks can be utilized whenever elastics are needed in treatment, such as for the Class II and Class III correction.

Built into the aligners, Spark's Integrated Hooks have proven durability throughout the entire course of treatment, even with the use of extra heavy weight elastics. Unlike traditional elastic cutouts which are known to be difficult for patients to insert the elastic and are prone to bending or breaking, Spark's Integrated Hooks are easy to insert and are not prone to bending or breaking.
TruRoot™ Feature - Flexibility & Control

Spark's Integrated Hooks are designed to be used whenever elastics are needed and accept the range of elastics that doctors regularly use with aligner treatment.

In addition to use for Class II and III correction, doctors can use the integrated hooks with TADS to aid with intrusion for the gummy smile correction.

Real Time Approval - More efficient and faster workflows

Spark's Approver Software now with the Real Time Approval feature allows doctors to add, modify, or delete aligner features without the need for change requests. This includes attachments, posterior bite turbos, bite ramps, elastic and button cutouts as well as Spark's latest innovation, the Integrated Hooks. With Spark’s Real Time Approval feature you get more efficient and faster workflows…so you and your practice can focus on delivering great customer care and beautiful finishes.

For more information on these Spark™ Aligner product and software innovations, please visit or contact your Sales Representative.

About the Spark™ Clear Aligner System
Spark™ Aligners are manufactured by Ormco™, a global leader in innovative orthodontics products, with 60 years of expertise, R & D and high manufacturing standards. Ormco has helped doctors treat more than 20 million patients in more than 130 countries. The Spark™ Approver software is designed to give doctors more control and flexibility, while Spark's advanced aligner technology and TruGEN™ material provide more sustained force retention and better surface contact with the tooth*. The Spark™ Aligner is also designed to be clearer and more comfortable**

* Data on file at Ormco™

** Compared to the leading aligner competitor. Data on file.

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