A Passion for Bonding Excellence
and Innovation. Direct or indirect.

Bonding adhesives, sealants and primers
and conditioners.

Aligner accessories
and lingual retainer products.

Since 1981, Reliance is your expert source for Orthodontic Bonding materials, technical support and customer service that is second to none.

Welcome to the Reliance family of orthodontic adhesive products!

We specialize in orthodontic adhesives, sealants, primers and conditioners for all bonding needs, with all types of appliances, to any surface.

Since our conception in 1981, we have achieved the reputation of providing consistent, quality adhesives, in a variety of delivery systems, at a cost far below competition. Before we sell a product commercially, it is clinically field tested.

This thorough evaluation and feedback insures that each product performs to your satisfaction for the full treatment time and is chemically safe for you, your staff and your patients.  As an added service to our adhesive customers, any bonding questions you have can be answered emailing me directly at

You can also contact any of the 100 authorized Reliance Dealers located around the globe.

Perfect A Smile

Bond Aligner

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