Clear aligner orthodontics is switching from an experienced-based practice to an evidence-based practice.

EAS is committed to advancing orthodontic aligner therapy knowledge by funding aligner research, both clinical and manufacture. Research is aimed at improving patient’s care through Grants and Awards programmes, and by publishing newsletters and a Journal of Aligner Orthodontics.

From both ethical and legal perspectives, sound clinical judgment must be based on the best evidence available. For these reasons EAS has an extensive annual grants and awards program to support investigators working in basic or clinical research and to support education in clear aligner orthodontics.


EAS early career Research Grant Program

A grant of 10,000 Euro supports researchers who are in the early career stage of aligner orthdontics investigation

EAS collaborative Research Grant

A grant of up to 10,000  Euro supports collaborative research between two or more research groups located in different countries.

EAS Research Symposium

A grant up to 20,000 Euro supports the cost of a symposium on a specificic clear aligner orthodontics topic that is of great interest for both researchers and clinicians.