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Welcome to EAS road to Rhodes 2025.

LIVE @ 19:00 CET

Dr. Alexander Schwärzler

University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna

The Virtual Design Process of Skeletal Anchored Appliances
Combined with Aligner Therapy

Digital technology has revolutionised orthodontics, leading to a significant progress in modern aligner therapy. The combination of aligners and skeletal anchored appliances can be the key to success for complex treatments. The fusion of aligner therapy and palatal anchored appliances offers an efficient solution that fits the patient's aesthetic requirements.

CAD/CAM technology provides a fast and dependable method to create customised appliances like palatal expanders or slider mechanics in a fully digital way.

This live webinar will showcase the virtual process of positioning miniscrews and illustrate the step-by-step software-based construction process of a CAD/CAM appliance.

Participants will gain insight into how to expand the possibilities of their aligner therapies with CAD/CAM technology.

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LIVE @ 19:00 CET

Dr. Dania Tamimi

CBCT Diagnosis of the Alveolar Processes
for Orthodontic Treatment Planning

CBCT has revolutionized the art and science of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.

The three-dimensional nature of this imaging technique enables us to visualize and consider the anatomical truth of our patients' craniofacial complexes.

This lecture aims to showcase some of the dentoalveolar diagnoses possible using CBCT and the anatomical and physiological considerations that should be examined prior to orthodontic treatment.

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