We develop attractive products and services for the sectors of orthodontics, pressure moulding, dental sleep medicine and CMD therapy. Besides tried and tested products which have already been used successfully for many years, we also rely on innovative therapeutic products catering for the growing demands made on treatments, like the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint system.

The convincing Aligner treatment for your practice

Aligning teeth with aesthetic high-quality splints is an important therapy in modern orthodontics. Especially for treating adults, this concept has proven successful. But unlike most therapy concepts, the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER is nothing to be had off the peg: The single components of the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint system enable you to effect treatment on your own – in your practice or lab – from diagnosis and treatment planning to fabrication of the set-up models until realizing the final splint.

The 3-Splint-System: 3 different material thicknesses, worn during 4 weeks for a unique and beautiful smile: With each treatment step, the patient receives 3 splints in different thicknesses to be worn subsequently. Thanks to this steady increase in pressure, teeth are aligned efficiently, but in a smooth and gentle way. The special design of the splint with additional covering of the gingival zone (2-3 mm) increases power transmission, leading to an even more efficient treatment.

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