EAS Summer Meeting Porto 2022

The Society’s Congress Committee has curated a programme which will focus on 3D virtual planning and treatment techniques.

The plenary lectures are designed to help delegates relate to a number of typical scenario and advance their clinical knowledge to address them effectively.  They will then learn the practical skills to apply the learnings in a series of workshops and in-depth courses held on the second day.

If the attraction of a day of world class lectures, followed by a second full day of workshops and in-depth courses was not enough of a lure, Porto is one of the oldest European cities, and its core is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The city was elected The Best European Destination by the Best European Destinations Agency.  Porto is also famed for its Port wine and as part of the experience attendees are invited to the famous Ferreira Winery which is the setting for the meeting’s welcome reception.

A world of expertise 

Subject experts from around the world have been sought out to address the event.
Dr. Victoria Martin from Germany kicks off proceedings by describing “My routine on virtual planning and mistakes to avoid” and building on the theme, she will be followed by Italy’s Dr. Enzo Pasciuti presenting “My routine in virtual review and my tips and tricks for deep bite patients”.

Treatment planning is a key focus, and “Movement predictability in the analysis of the treatment plan” will be addressed by Dr. Bruno Filipe Almeida Gomes from Spain whilst “Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement in Class II patients” is the subject for Dr. Pedro Costa Monteiro from the host country, Portugal.

The afternoon session starts with an exploration of “Planning Predictability with SLX/Reveal® Aligners” by Canada’s Dr. Bruce McFarlane and he is followed by Matthias Peper from German talking about “The science behind digital treatment planning in complex Aligner Orthodontics”.

To underline the practical nature of each session Italy’s Dr. Vincenzo D'Antò talks about “How to handle dentoalveolar asymmetries: tips and tricks in treatment planning”, and the baton is then handed to Dr. Manuel Román from Spain to return to the relatable “My tips and tricks in virtual treatment plan in open bite and Class III patients

The first day concludes with a round table discussion and expanded Q&A session with all the speakers from the plenary day.

Deeper delve

The second day of the meeting is dedicated to a series of workshop and in-depth courses to allow delegates delve deeper into the aspects of 3D virtual and real treatment planning which interest them most, many of which will be delivered by plenary speakers. Joining them will be clinical and technological expert speakers for some of the leading aligner and treatment planning companies

In order to make the event as participative as possible, delegates are also being invited to submit research abstracts which the Scientific Committee will use for E- poster presentations.
The whole programme, along with speaker profiles, is now available at https://www.eas-aligners.com/2nd-summer-meeting-porto-2022 along with details about how to present a research abstract.

The cost of attending the 2-day event has been kept deliberately low at €350 for EAS members whilst accommodation in the event hotel is only €140 to make attending in person as accessible as possible.

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