Update from our partner Dental Monitoring

DentalMonitoring introduced the very first AI-powered remote monitoring software known to orthodontics, redefining the way doctors treat and communicate with patients. This technology acts as an orthodontic assistant, providing doctors with greater clinical control in order to elevate care standards, grow their practice and give patients a more convenient treatment experience.
With DentalMonitoring, patients regularly send remote scans to the practice so doctors instantly know when a problem occurs. Doctors gain clinical visibility and can improve treatment outcomes without taking additional time out of their schedule thanks to the precise oral analysis performed by the AI.
Additionally, doctors can set up automated messages that will automatically send instructions to staff and patients based on what clinical observations the AI detects. The platform includes a direct messaging system for doctors and staff to send their own messages, annotated photos, or videos to patients for easy in-app communication.
This AI-powered platform offers doctors the ability to better control clinical outcomes, to enhance the patient experience and ultimately to grow orthodontic businesses by automating non-clinical tasks and increasing operational efficiency. As the first to introduce AI in orthodontics, DentalMonitoring used the most advanced technology in the industry, trained on the largest dental image database in the industry, based on more than 1.5 billion photos of patients’ arcades processed over the last 8 years. Ultimately, DentalMonitoring is using the best available technology today to spearhead Smarter Orthodontics, helping based on proactive care instead of reactive care.
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