Venice 2018 - The Second Congress

It was with great excitement that EAS approached its next international Congress in February 2018 in the breath-taking atmosphere of Venice.

Hosted by the 2nd President of EAS, Dr Francesco Garino, the congress promised to update delegates on the exciting progress taking place in the world of aligner therapy.  By bringing together the scientific community, clinicians, manufacturers, developers and tech companies, EAS planned to provide the most complete scientific and clinical education related to aligner therapy, building from the successes achieved in Vienna.

Under the theme: “Are you ready to become Invisible?” the three-day meeting covered current trends, directions, possibilities and techniques in aligner treatment.

The scientific Program

The Scientific Program featured many of the specialty’s most distinguished lecturers with presentations on biomechanics, auxiliaries, hybrid treatments, teen treatments, TADs and digital smile design. Luis Carriere, Benedict Wilmes, Junji Sugawara, John Morton and Christian Coachman were among a host of speakers – 33 in total.

The full complement of speakers covered cases treated with different systems, the treatment of malocclusions, understanding tooth movement, an interdisciplinary approach to treatment, technical issues such as biomechanics, and digital smile design and the need for restorative dentistry to understand and incorporate orthodontics as well. Eleven posters were also presented during the congress.

Breakfast with the Expert

A special “Breakfast with the Expert” was held on Sunday morning in order to give to participants the opportunity of a peer-to-peer discussion with the top experts in the field of aligner orthodontics. A full-day post-congress course was held on 19 February during which Dr Christian Coachman gave lectures on the digital smile design revolution, with a live patient demonstration. The attendance of 554 delegates confirmed that a meeting focussing on aligner therapy is both needed and greatly valued by orthodontic clinicians. The Journal of Aligner Orthodontics, published by Quintessence, was launched as the official journal of the EAS at this event.

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