Vienna 2016 - The First Congress

The first initiative for EAS was to hold its 1st Congress on Valentine’s weekend in February 2016 in Vienna, under the 1st President of EAS, Dr Graham Gardner. This inaugural Congress proved a great success in terms of scientific program, doctor attendance and exhibitor presence. Some of the world’s leading experts in the aligner field were invited to address the inaugural Congress.
A total of 316 attendees were attracted by the potential to learn about this treatment modality at the two-day event.  Dental professionals travelled from as far afield as attracted as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Greece, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Russia – in fact in all, 42 countries from around the world were represented. Delegates were not disappointed as they had an unrivalled opportunity to learn through 27 lectures – including a Skype video link from the USA - about the latest clinical advances, product developments and practical advice about clear aligner therapy which they could apply immediately in practice.
The concurrent trade exhibition, supported by twenty-two companies, complemented the scientific knowledge sharing.  Delegates were able to compare a variety of clear aligner systems; products for accelerated orthodontic treatment as well as intra-oral scanners and 3-D printers currently available on the market.

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