EAS. Why?

EAS is the first European Society for orthodontic Aligner techniques. Our goal is to help clinicians in selecting the ideal system to use, comparing the technical and clinical features of each aligner system to make the best choice. Case by case.

It is understood that each country in the European Union, and without, will have different local needs from local associations and organisations. EAS does not intend or want to replace those local associations but to achieve a large pool of knowledge in all aspects of aligner therapy requires a large pool of information and collaboration. EAS will provide that pool.

EAS is established to bring together all the clinicians and manufacturers who are involved with aligner therapy and use their combined strengths to raise the awareness, the effectiveness and the outcomes of aligner based treatment.

The European Aligner Society aims to provide information on orthodontic aligner therapy to clinicians and public through effective communication, and education. Information will be underpinned by promoting high standards in orthodontic aligner treatment and through research.